Heart-Stopping Letter To Newtown Shooting Victim Jack Pinto From His Best Friend


Letter to Jack Pinto by his best friend, John (Yamiche Alcindor/USA Today)

How do you say goodbye? USA Today reporter Yamiche Alcindor tweeted out this touching letter that was written to Newtown shooting victim Jack Pinto by his best friend, John.

Six-year-old Jack was gunned down in the massacre last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The letter, surfaced by Hypervocal, reads:

You are my best friend.
We had fun together.
I will miss you.
I will talk to you in my prayers.
I love you Jack.

The first-grader, who was a big fan of New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, was also remembered by the pro ball player. Cruz paid his respects to the Pinto family one day after Jack was buried in his favorite Victor Cruz jersey.

Cruz tweeted after the visit, “Much love to the entire Pinto family. Great people with huge hearts. I’m sorry again for your loss. Looking at life through a different lens.”

After learning he was the first-grader’s favorite player, the Giants team member dedicated Sunday’s game to him, writing “Jack Pinto” and “my hero” on his cleats and gloves.




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3 Responses to Heart-Stopping Letter To Newtown Shooting Victim Jack Pinto From His Best Friend

  1. Kids are so beautifully full if faith in eternal life and belief in the existence of continued life after death.

  2. kelihasablog says:

    Heartbreaking…. We use to do this with our students too though when there had been the death of a student in our class. somethings we would put them inside of a balloon with helium and let go. the kids would think they went up to heaven and their friends actually received the note. Writing the notes help those little ones left behind. It is almost a closure.

  3. nyparrot says:

    Absolutely heartbreaking.. What a tragedy!

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