Back To Basics: Yoga For A Stronger Back

Back pain can result from poor posture, badly designed furniture, lack of exercise or even an injury.
Yoga is a great way to stretch and strengthen the muscles of your back. It can help maintain good posture, improve circulation and heal injuries. Try these basic postures to relax your muscles and release the tension in your back. Remember that yoga is best practiced under the supervision of an experienced teacher.


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What Your Haircut Says About You

You can change your clothes and accessories daily, but not your hairstyle. Your hairstyle can give away lot of secrets and often is a reflection of your true self. You may be looking coy in a salwar kameez, but your pixie cut will show people your wild side. So let us have a look at some “hair raising” secrets your hairstyle can reveal to the world.


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8 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Public Speaking

Better Public Speaker

Want to become a top-paid executive? Better work on your public speaking. This highly valued communications skill is also among many people’s top fears — 74% of people suffer from speech anxiety — but it’s one that can be conquered.

Here’s how:

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