4 Unusual Honeymoon Places In India

Every couple starts about their married life by going for a honeymoon where they spend time together and get a chance to know each other better.


When you start with a new chapter of your life, it is best you do it with celebration and positivity. The addition of a new person in your life requires understanding and bonding for a smooth life ahead. Every couple starts about their married life by going for a honeymoon where they spend time together and get a chance to know each other better.

To make your romantic much more fulfilling, visit the unique and unusual honeymoon places of India, which are yet undiscovered by many. Here are a 4 places to help you plan your honeymoon better.

If you and your spouse like to explore historical sites of India, a honeymoon in Hampi, Karnataka, is ideal for you. The site is set in-between rocks and waterways, giving a magnificent ambience to the place. Visit the famous Virupaksha temple, the Vitthal temple and the monolith 6.7m tall statue of Narasimha. The Vijaynagar rulers created the beautiful Vithalswami and Hazara Rama temples, whose walls are adorned with beautiful sculptures. The grandiosity of this place makes it a unique honeymoon place in India.


This quaint and beautiful hill town of Himachal Pradesh has thick forests surrounding it, providing a tranquil ambience. One can see the majestic snow capped mountains from here. Newlyweds will be enchanted in the romantic setting on this place overlooking the Dhauladhar Range of Himachal Pradesh.

Places to Visit- Dalhousie comprises of many beautiful spots worth visiting such as Panchpula, 3kms from Dalhousie, where you can enjoy flowing streams. Another interesting place to visit, 10 kms from Dalhousie is Kalatop which is a wildlife sanctuary and is home to Himalayan black bear and ghoral (mountain goat). For quiet and peaceful time together you can go to Subhash Baoli, which is surrounded by enchanting trees and plants.

The name actually means grove of coconut trees as this beach town is surrounded by hordes of coconut trees. A honeymoon in Kovalam is ideal as it has many things to offer, right from beautiful beaches, ayurvedic massage to water sports. You can choose to spend your time relaxing at the beautiful sandy beaches under the coconut trees, indulge in kayaking and parasailing and even fishing. The ayurvedic massage here use techniques which are centuries old, pampering your body and providing relaxation. This idyllic spot will definitely make your honeymoon joyful.

Tarkarli Beach

This unexplored honeymoon destination is situated in the Konkan coast of Maharashtra. You can witness stretches of white sand and clear water along with beautiful casuarina trees lining the shores. It is a perfect getaway for newlyweds as it offers a quaint and quiet atmosphere with relaxing wind blowing all year round. Since it is deserted most of the time, couples can enjoy some beautiful private moments together. You can also the exotic seafood sold here at local restaurants. The beach is perfect for evening and morning walks together with your loved one. This place is an ideal honeymoon getaway.

These unusual honeymoon places in India though unexplored are ideal choices to have fun-filled time together.



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  1. Which post you share with us. I appreciate After Marriage the new married couple want to spend their time together. Honeymoon best option for her.

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