Habits That Can Destroy Your Looks

Looks, even if they are sometimes deceptive, make a person’s impression in life. Your face shows how much effort you put towards taking care of yourself. Good appearance is an effect of good habits. There are certain habits that in the long run can affect your health and ruin your looks. Let’s have a peek into such habits that tend to destroy your appearance.


1. Use of random products

Getting a new skincare product just because of advertising or just for the sake of trying something new, is a bad idea. What we do not realize is that our skin is sensitive and can develop allergies on using such random products. Another mistake that most of us tend to make is to use different brands of cream every month assuming that our face will adjust. These habits ruin our appearances and lead to many skin issues and acne problems.


2. Too many beverages

Taking healthy amount of water is the key to good skin. But having too much of coffee, tea or aerated drinks are habits that tend to destroy appearances. Normally these beverages tend to lessen the water levels in the body. There should be around 70% water in our body; anything lesser results in dehydration which in turn would cause health issues and deteriorating appearances.


3. Touching acne and pimples

If your face suffers from acne and you constantly touch the affected areas, this could lead to growth of the acne. Popping a pimple is simply criminal, as not only it is painful but it also leads to the spread of acne in other parts of the face.


4. Wrong postures

Sitting without your back at rest is a habit that tends to destroy appearances. If you hunch while you sit, it might cause a spine problem in the long run. Such sitting postures also make you seem like a lazy person and make you look unattractive.


5. Shaving on dry skin

This is the worst possible habit that you could indulge in. This would definitely make your skin go sore with boils. It can also lead to other harmful effects and spoil your appearance.



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One Response to Habits That Can Destroy Your Looks

  1. Great post!!thanks for sharing..will try to follow these tips:))

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