6 Weird Things That Affect Your Relationship


Recently, research revealed that how much sleep you get (or don’t) majorly affects your bond with your guy. But a lack of shut-eye isn’t the only thing that can sabotage your love life. Here are six more weird factors-all backed up by scientific studies-that can totally eff with your relationship.

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Six Shocking Foods That Are Bad Of Your Skin

Tried a number of products to make your skin look healthy and radiant but to no avail? Well, most of us discount the role our diet plays on our skin and run after artificial products to repair it.

Discussed below are six foods that are bad for your skin.


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Seven Phrases He Secretly Hates To Hear

We all have our trademark phrases when it comes to verbalising our thoughts, but often these lead women in troubled waters with their spouse. But ladies, when you can play safe, why take the risk! Here check out the list of a few such phrases that your man secretly hates to hear.


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