6 Drinks To Fight Ageing

These six drinks fight aging. See what they are and when to down them.



When to Drink: At the Alarm Guzzle water, Dr. Lodge suggests. Hydrating will help beat that groggy feeling and make your skin look its glowy best (both now and later in life), says David E. Bank, M.D., a dermatologist in Mount Kisco, New York



When to Drink: At Breakfast Coffee may help your heart and (if you take it black) metabolism, and it reduces risk for some types of cancer, studies show.


Green tea

When to Drink: At Lunch Sip tea. Green kick-starts metabolism and can help fend off breast cancer, says Jonathan R. Cole, M.D., medical director of the California Health and Longevity Institute. Black may lower blood pressure, research from the University of Western Australia suggests.


Hot cocoa

When to Drink: P.M. Snack Hot cocoa (have it over ice if you can’t take the heat) has more antioxidants than does coffee, red wine or green tea, a study from Cornell University reveals. Great for your heart and skin.


Red Wine

When to Drink: At Dinner Enjoy a glass of red wine: Piceatannol, a compound your body makes when you drink vino, could stunt fat-cell growth (woot!), the Journal of Biological Chemistry reports.



When to Drink: Before Bed Grab milk—your skeleton will love the calcium, and your muscles will love the protein. You’ll wake up even stronger.



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4 Responses to 6 Drinks To Fight Ageing

  1. Great post Sandeep.. I do need remainders to drink as I do not drink enough. I can find by lunch time that I only had 2 cups of coffee the whole day.. and thanks for following my blog. Sara

  2. Clarabelle says:

    Thanks for this post Sandeep, I liked it alot. Clarabelle 🙂

  3. dannadesigns says:

    Oooh yummy drinks that help you look good…I like 🙂

  4. kelihasablog says:

    If it works that would be great! 😀

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