Seven Phrases He Secretly Hates To Hear

We all have our trademark phrases when it comes to verbalising our thoughts, but often these lead women in troubled waters with their spouse. But ladies, when you can play safe, why take the risk! Here check out the list of a few such phrases that your man secretly hates to hear.


“Not tonight, honey.”

There may be something that is unsettling you and cutting down your sexual desire, but when you say ‘not tonight, honey’, you may bruise him. Share and let him know the reasons for your ‘No’. Most men feel that turning down sex is a rejection of them.


“We need to talk.”

These are the four words that men hate to hear the most. When you say, ‘we need to talk’, men think that they have done something terribly wrong and now you are about to accuse them. So, one of the simplest ways to talk about anything is to sit down and bring up the issue and deal with it maturely. It is best not to blow things out of proportion.


“Do I look fat?”

Men don’t like to talk about your weighty issues. Your man loves you the way you are. Moreover, for him, some flesh is good so that he can fulfill his sumptuous ‘meaty’ desires. However, if he does say a ‘yes’ to your question, then take it positively and start working out in the gym instead of sitting and cribbing about it.


Cut down on drinks

If he loves his beer and pack of smokes, so be it. You knew about it beforehand, isn’t it? The best way to deal with it is, point out the obvious health hazards, if he has been guzzling a lot of alcohol or burning his lungs with smoke. The key to happiness, like we all know, is moderation.


“I’m going to be fine.”

Your ‘I’m going to be fine” can puzzle him because somewhere he knows you don’t want to deal with things upfront. Do not pretend it is going to be fine, unless you really mean it. Avoid this phrase especially after a bout of argument. May be you can tell him, you want some time to cool off before you talk about it.


“My father would have never done that.”

Alright, he boasts about his mother being the best cook in the world, and how she is a perfect homemaker, but don’t go around comparing him with your father. If you don’t like him drawing comparisons, you should talk about it because comparisons can pin anyone down the hellhole. Spin around your woe in a way that he learns a lesson or two from your way of dealing with things.


“You are not the same person anymore.”

Admit it that things change, people change and with years of marriage, expectations can take a toll. If you think he is not paying much attention towards you or is too engrossed in his work or his social circle is consuming his time, you should sit down and put things forth in a certain way. Your discussion should not look like a complaint. Deal with issues in a way that nobody is left hurt.



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  1. Hhahah, well, the truth can (and does ;)) hurt! 😀

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