Which Colour Matches Your Personality?

Should you wear a blue blouse with white trousers or a red kurta with black leggings? Before you make your decision, here is a quick fact for you. Colours influence the way people think about you and also are influenced by what your mood is. Each and every colour signifies something unique. So read on to find out about what the colour of your clothes speaks about you.


Red: Red is considered to be a power house and it makes you stand apart in a crowd. Red is known for stimulating the creative juices and energising you. Red also acts as a stimulant for the opposite sex and makes you look extremely attractive.
Traits of Red: Strength, productivity, energy, power, passion and high sexual energy.
Smart tip: If you are in a position of authority, it may sometimes makes you look a little aggressive. So never go for a complete red dress. Accessorise it well with a neutral hue.


Blue: Blue is a very soothing colour and puts people to ease. It also symbolises honesty and responsibility, and people are more likely to trust you if you are wearing blue.
Traits of Blue: Trustworthy, loyal, happy, calm and serene.
Smart tip: If you are going for a job interview, wear a blue shirt to make the interviewer trust you.


Black: The most mysterious of all colours, black symbolises authority. That is why most of the CEO’s wear black power suits and zip around in black colours. Black is also preferred by most people because of it makes you look svelte and slim. The colour black makes people look competent, elegant and seductive.
Traits of Black: Mystery, seduction and prestige.
Smart tip: Never go in a complete black outfit. You can add drama by pairing it up with neon colour accessories. Black and white combination is a classic and you can never go wrong with that.


Green: Green is the colour of nature and it proves that you are at peace with yourself. It symbolises happiness and prosperity, since it is also the colour of money.
Traits of Green: Compassion, abundance and harmony.
Smart tip: Since green is a bright colour, pair it up with lighter shades. Stay away from the combination of green and brown. You would not want to look like a tree, would you?


Yellow: We associate yellow with summer and sunshine, so essentially yellow equates to fun and happiness. It can brighten up any drab dress and add a dazzling touch to all your outfits. However, you should be careful while wearing this colour. You cannot walk into the boardroom wearing a yellow blouse. It is more suited to causal occasions like a cocktail party or dinner.
Traits of Yellow: Spontaneity, enthusiasm and cheerfulness.
Smart tip: Don’t pair yellow with pastel shades. Go for brown or black.


White: The purest of all colours, white symbolises many things from innocence to efficiency. It is a cool colour and perfect for summer wear. White also has an aura of professionalism and most corporates are a little partial to this colour. But that does not mean you cannot glam it up.
Traits of White: Innocence, luxury, simplicity and positivity.
Smart tip: If you cannot afford to wear white regularly, since it can be a little difficult to maintain white clothes, you can always invest in white accessories. White pumps or a cute white sling bag can add a new dimension to your look.



About Davy Greene
SEO analyst by profession, in addition to working with Search Engine Optimization(SEO) for more than 4 years.

3 Responses to Which Colour Matches Your Personality?

  1. Love this post, I have been wearing a lot of red lately, I can see why. Clarabelle 🙂

  2. kelihasablog says:

    Oh, how great! I love this! I wear black almost all the time… LOL… 😀

  3. sueannm66 says:

    Ok, I’m into blue and green so I’m happy with that!

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