Your Eyes And Personality

Your eyes and personality

One of the most magic riddles in the world is connection between the eye-color of a human and his disposition, sometimes even destiny. Indeed, what can be ever in common between deep-blue or emerald spots on our eyes and a course of whole life? In the matter of fact, much.

Blue, deep-blue, grey

Blue, deep-blue, grey

Owners of the “cold” eyes should better avoid being a material in someone’s hands. They perceive the surrounding world as a foundation for their dreams and fantasies. Such people are not afraid of resistance of others, that is why they seldom doubt anything about themselves while being on public. In love cold-eyed can boldly choose partners as they prefer, basing rather on personal whims than on logic. Personalities, which are attracted by such eyes, have stirring character and readiness for adventures.

If you fall in love with a blue-eyed, do not even try to re-educate him or her. That simply will not do.

Emerald, green

Emerald, green

For the happy owners of emerald or green eyes the most substantial thing is a complete, integral harmony with themselves. Whatever they do, green-eyed should always be satisfied with their thoughts and actions. If they have nothing to be blamed for, the world around appears light and joyful. Green-eyed people are never going to require from people more than they can suggest themselves (invaluable feature!).

In case of meeting a person, absolutely corresponding their notion about the ideal one, they would be more likely devastated than let anything hurt the subject of their love. Nevertheless, woe is someone far from perfection. With such a person emerald-eyed are supposed to behave so far nonchalantly that may easily acquire an enemy in his face.

Brown, hazel

Brown, hazel

The one whom nature has gifted with the eyes of tea-color can with no problem afford staking on the ability to be appreciated by people. Three main aces they hold are attractiveness, charm and expectancy. Skillfully applying them to the game, these people make everyone around nearly argue for the right to provide them with a thing they desire. Most of all brown-eyed people strive to look attractive. It is neither clothing nor hair-style where liberties can be taken. On the other hand, it is nothing for them to convince themselves that the world exists exceptionally for guessing their will.

In abundance of friends they usually choose the one who is capable of a greater sacrifice. This is in their sake, of course. When hazel-eyed are showered with presents, they often have enough strength to reject from the expensive ones, but uneager to be accepted. Rejection makes them mysterious and piquant. Still, most of all they approve people, obediently making they caprices come true.

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  1. I love warm brown eyes. Although I am blue/green eyed, I am a warm person–but brown just invites you in…:)

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