Flowers for Every Occasion

flowers for every occasion

Using flowers to greet someone or for a special day or occasion is a tradition. Flowers sent on the anniversary or birthday can make the occasion more exciting and meaningful if matched with the cultural history. Don’t create a blunder by sending wrong flowers on wrong occasion. For instance, sending funeral flower on wedding day can send a wrong and the offending message to the recipient. Flowers a great thing to brighten up a gloomy mind and life; it makes the environment cheerful and lovely. Flowers are especially good option if you don’t know the receiver personally.

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Different Flowers for Different Occasions:

Different flowers convey different meaning and expresses different thoughts. There are flowers for almost every occasion, but right selection is required. Read below to know which flower is meant for which occasion.

• Easter – Easter lilies are the common and traditional flower gifted to Christians on the Easter Day. The flower symbolizes purity and holiness. Sending this flower to your Catholic will be a great present on their festival. A floral gift is the best Easter Day gift idea.

• Wedding – Orchid and Roses are the most common traditional flowers brides always use to carry in her hand on her wedding day. The flowers selected for the day are in synch with the theme or certain time of the year. An autumn wedding would include sunflowers, while a spring wedding will have tulips or peonies.

• Wedding Anniversaries – There are flowers signifying each year of your wedding. As a 5th marriage anniversary of your friend, you can gift her daisies, for ten years daffodils and twenty-five year arises. Understanding the meaning of each flower you gift is important. Flowers are the most meaningful wedding anniversary gift one can give to your closed ones.

• Funeral – While you decide to give flowers for condolences, it is important to know the meaning associated with the flowers. Roses, chrysanthemums and carnations in any color are an ideal gift. Pink and yellow color flowers are generally used in a North American funeral. While lilies are the common ones, when it comes to delivering funeral flowers.

Not only this, you can gift flowers for any occasion. If you don’t know what meaning a particular flower conveys, take help from the florist. But, don’t gift any flower without any information and knowledge, as it might pass a wrong message to the recipient.

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2 Responses to Flowers for Every Occasion

  1. Lovely post! I am always happy to give and receive flowers. I just got for my birthday, beautiful violets, planted in a coconut pot.. I LOVE IT! Sara

  2. Good thing I read this. My general knowledge of flowers for different occasions is seriously lacking. Glad to hear I got lucky by choosing orchids for my wedding but will be sure to consult a professional on any further endeavours

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