Crazy Ways You Can Repurpose Old Appliances


These days, we live in a throwaway society, where it’s easier and often cheaper to replace used or worn out appliances, rather than patching old ones up. But, with so much talk about reducing our reliance on landfill, more and more of us are finding ways to repurpose or upcycle old appliances. Here are some of the craziest ideas around.

TV fish tank

The digital switchover of the past few years no doubt found a lot of people deciding to upgrade their television. But what can you do with all of those redundant TVs? Instead of sending it directly to the landfill, why not turn your used telly into a funky fish tank? Just take the top off, take out the inside elements and attach a hinged wood or MDF panel to the top. Insert a fish tank to fit inside the telly, and voila – your old box has been repurposed into a fish tank!

Blender lamp

If your blender no longer works then don’t throw it away. Instead, turn it into a cool table lamp! You’ll need to do a bit of DIY to remove the cutter from the glass container, take out the rotating mechanism and remove the motor from the base. You can keep the original switch as this can be used to control the light, once it has been installed.

Steamed towels from a rice cooker

If your rice cooker barely gets used these days, then next time guests come over for supper give them a little luxurious treat. Insert flannels into the rice cooker and steam them, so that they can be given to guests before or after their meal.

Microwave mailbox

If your microwave has seen better days, then you probably wouldn’t consider doing anything with it apart from getting rid. But, think again. Consider turning your microwave into an outside mailbox. It’s ideal if you regularly get large parcels and would be able to store quite a few letters if you go away often. You’d need to take the inside out, and the electrical cord. Paint the exterior and then attach it onto a board outside your house. Then, use brackets to attach the new mailbox and base onto a post.

A computer fan

Don’t get rid of your old computer just yet. Instead, turn it into a desktop fan using the fan, hard drive and some wires. You wouldn’t find anything like that in the shops, but it will work just as well as any other fan!

A microwave fan

In a similar fashion to the computer fan, you can also make a fan out of an old microwave. You need to take the cooling fan from the microwave and mount it on a stand. There’s a bit of soldering work involved and fiddling with cords, so you’ll need some electrical know-how for this project.

Games console desk organiser

Repurpose your old games consoles into desk organisers for your pens, pencils, paper clips, etc. Put it on your desk at work and it will certainly become a talking point!

This article has been written by Philippa L. Philippa is a keen DIY enthusiast and thinks the best items in her home are appliances that have been repurposed. Philippa gets ideas from the appliance city website.


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One Response to Crazy Ways You Can Repurpose Old Appliances

  1. Al says:

    I have a computer monitor that doesn’t work. I might look into the fish tank thing for that 🙂

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