Some Of The Positive Aspects Of Online Shopping Sites Than Shopping Malls


In our past, shopping was treated as a big outing where our great grandfather has to collect all family members and hook them up in a big car to go the nearest general shopping mall, where they could buy all items say from candy to car. But in this 21st centaury the growth of internet has changed our way of life, these days nothing is hard, we can do everything online say like watching movies, reading books, paying bills, shopping online, etc,. These days online shopping is becoming very popular and has become the best choice for many people who do shopping regularly. In this article I am going to explain some of positive aspects of online shopping which I have experienced in my life. Let’s see them now.

Few positive aspects of online shopping:

1). First and foremost it is the best, easiest and safest shopping in the history. Even at midnight we can do our shopping since it is open 24×7 days and perhaps you can purchase any item from online store without going to the store physically.

2).With the increase price for fuel physical travel to store with family would be little expensive. So it is affordable and convenient to do shopping online. And moreover we need not have to wait in heavy traffic to reach the store in our area.

3). We need not have to worry about the climate anymore, as we do shopping by sitting in our house, rain or storm is not going to affect our shopping.

4). We can purchase the required items in an affordable rate. Since there are a lot of online shopping malls over internet, we are given a lot of choice in choosing the best price from various shops and moreover some companies do provide free shipping which furthermore reduces our purchasing cost. Some online companies even provide free coupons and rebates to attract the customers which are furthermore useful for us to purchase in more affordable way.

5). We can access many product say from pin to car from different manufacturers in one place which helps us to choose the best one among many products. So companies offer product reviews where the customers post their review about the product which helps us to analyze the product.

6). This shopping helps us in keeping our friends and family together all the time, by sending special gifts on behalf of us that ranges from flowers to perfumes, from chocolate to jewellery items, etc, on their special occasions even if we are far away from them.

7). With one online shopping mall we could buy all types of items ranging from kitchen equipments to beauty items, from garden equipments to outdoor equipments, from clothing to jewellery items, etc,. We need not have to search many companies online, each online shopping malls will have thousands of categories inside them itself.

8). We can go through their guarantees, warranties, and other information’s relating to the product online which helps us to decide whether the product is worthy buying. We can also read their privacy statements to know how the personal information of consumers will be used. This will furthermore helps us in recognizing the companies products whether they are real or fake.

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2 Responses to Some Of The Positive Aspects Of Online Shopping Sites Than Shopping Malls

  1. Maryanne says:

    I agree for the most part. After having a very bad experience at Whole Foods I buy the stuff I used to get there directly online from the companies themselves. One thing I will say though, beware of purchasing you make when they have a big sale, like on cyber Monday, it took much longer for my purchase to arrive. I didn’t even receive shipment notification until a week after I placed my order. I had to call several managers to get some satisfaction. Then they tried to say my email receipt went to my spam folder. (It didn’t, they were just trying to cover their butts for messing up!) And then there’s always shipping costs 🙂

  2. Mall shopping has it own fun but for busiest personUnited Arab Emirates online shopping sites are well. 🙂

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