Microwave Oven: Pros And Cons

Microwave oven pros and cons

From all kitchen appliances microwave oven gained our love immediately! It is a technological miracle. Well, of course everybody love it! You can reheat food, cook dishes and defrost meat. Now not many people can live without it. And even most small fast food restaurants can not work without a microwave oven. But is there a possibility that this oven can harm our body?

Microwave oven: pros and cons

I am not going to describe here the technical characteristics of the device, but I know that the oven works thanks to microwaves of magnetron, which are moving at the speed of light, causing heavy vibration of the intracellular fluid, which leads to heating of food.

Positive features of microwave oven

Those who daily use the microwave oven will definitely say that it provides us with a quick and convenient way to cook. This is the main advantage. You will literally need 1-2 minutes to warm soup or meat. If we use a simple electronic oven to do the same procedure, it will take 2-3 times more time.

In a microwave oven we can bake fish and meat without fat, without using oil. This is very useful for patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or those who keep the diet.

As re-heating or cooking process takes less time, the vitamins contained in the products remain. For example, when cooking on the ordinary electric oven the products loose 40-60% of vitamin C and when cooking in microwave oven the lost reaches 25% only!

Negative features of the microwave oven

No matter how perfect microwave oven can be, there are bad points in its work. Compare food re-heated in a microwave oven and food cooked in the ordinary oven. You will notice that dishes cooked in the ordinary oven are more delicious.

Being reheated in the microwave oven, food changes its structure. For example, in 1991 in the United States a nurse at the hospital heated donor blood, as a result, the patient died. Also it is not recommended to reheat breast milk in the microwave oven. For these purposes it is better to use a water bath or electric oven.

Not all plates and dishes can be used to warm food in the microwave oven. It is forbidden to use dishes made of metal, porcelain dishes with a “golden edging” cut-glass ware. In fact the best choice is dishes specially made for microwave ovens.

It turns out, that a microwave oven has a used-by date, as any other device. The main damage can be caused by electromagnetic radiation, but this is possible only if the oven is broken. Microwave radiation occurs only when the oven is plugged in. Consequently, if there is no leak of radiation, there is no harmful effect on the body.

How to know if your microwave oven works well

There is a test for the validity of a microwave oven. You need to put a cell phone on a plate in microwave oven, BUT DO NOT SWITCH ON THE OVEN! Make a call on this cellphone which is in the microwave oven. If you hear that the cellphone is out of service, so you can use your microwave oven. And if you hear a ringing tone in the oven, it means that you have to buy new microwave oven immediately! Besides, if your microwave oven works well the plate remains cold, and the food, on the contrary, is hot.

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  1. dzboston33 says:

    Interesting post. Microwave Ovens have many positives and negatives. However, with the fast past of our current culture it makes the microwave a very useful appliance for many people. I think that is the biggest selling point of them. They are also pretty easy to clean compared to a lot of other kitchen appliances.

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