Tips For Buying During Mall Sales


Shopping during mall sales is not a very enjoyable experience (at least for some people). From finding a parking space, to the long cue to the counter, it is a real test of patience and tenacity. However, for those who do have the endurance and the persistence to tolerate all the difficulties of such sales, the discounts can be well worth the sacrifice.

To those who are planning to test if they do have what it takes to make the most of shopping during mall sales, here are some tips that might just help.

Know when the sale is going to be and make preparations beforehand.

Sales in shopping malls in the Philippines are usually advertised. So a day or two before the actual date of the mall sale, scour the mall for items you would like to buy. With a little charm and some luck, you can persuade some of the sales people to tell you which items would be included in the sale and by how much will the prices be cut down. In fact, if you want to push your luck even further, you can try reserving the items from the sales people. Of course, this is not entirely a legitimate move, but if works then why not? Either way, this little research will definitely save you a great deal of time and effort during the actual sale itself.

There is no room for window shopping. Just search, get, and go.

If you already have an idea of which items you want to buy, then you can skip all the testing, the window shopping, and all the unnecessary ceremonies that come before buying. As much as possible, just look for the item, buy it, and then go. The less time you spend on one item, the more time you make for others. Also, the longer you stay in the mall during sale dates, the more inconvenient it gets – moving around; finding a place to eat or just sit; or even going to the toilet. Not to mention, there are plenty of dishonest people who make a living trying by stealing from others. You will definitely have lots of them during mall sales. So the less time you spend shopping, the safer it becomes for you.

Come really early.

If you don’t want to do any window-shopping before the sale itself, then at least give yourself an early lead by going to the mall at least an hour before the sale starts. Why? First of all, during mall sales it is really difficult to find parking spaces especially if it is one of the malls in Makati City. Going to the mall early and then spending an hour trying to land a parking space would just be a waste of effort and advantage. Second, you’re not the only one who wants to go early, so either you have to be earlier than the others or be tenacious in grabbing a space in the line.

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Being the eldest daughter, Maribel has the freedom to pursue what she likes which are basically in writing about Philippine real estate and shopping. Being around the country’s popular real estate and having visited almost all major shopping malls in the Philippines, she shares her writing experiences and Shopping tips through her blog. Among her hobbies include taking food pictures, blogging and of-course, shopping around the Philippines.


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  1. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips. 🙂

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