Tips On How To Build A Home Gym


For many of us, it becomes rather impossible to stick to the regular gym timings, because our work schedules are so erratic. If you find that joining a regular gym is not helping because you never know when you will have some free time on your hands to fit in a workout, a home gym is the best option.

A home gym is easy to build, and has many benefits over a commercial gym. You don’t have to wait in line to use a machine, you don’t have to worry about the increasing gym membership fee every year and you also have more freedom to customize your workouts in a way that suits your needs the best. It’s a mere onetime expense, and you get more value for the money you spend. So, how to build a home gym?

Requirements for a home gym

Any spare room, the basement or even a garage can easily be converted in to a home gym. All you need is adequate free space to fit in the equipment you plan to add to your gym. The standard room you need for a home gym should be 10 square meter (or 108 square feet) while the height should be a minimum of 1 meter (or 3 feet) over and above your own height so that you can easily do a wide range of exercises.

You will, however, need to probably re-do the flooring. Gym equipment is very heavy, therefore you need a flooring material that can protect your natural floor and also offer shock absorption as well as noise reduction. You can get a thick carpeted flooring, rubber mats, plywood flooring or even build a lifting platform if you have the time and money.

Basic equipment for the home gym

Once you have selected and prepped a room to serve as a home gym, you will need to add basic gym equipment for an effective workout. Here is a list of must-have items:

• Adjustable Bench – Invest in a high quality adjustable bench so that you don’t need to invest in individual pieces like a flat bench, incline bench and decline bench. A versatile piece of equipment, the adjustable bench can be used for a wide range of exercises as long as you chose one that is sturdy and can handle up to 200 kg weight without tipping backwards or wobbling.

• Power Rack – Though a power rack might seem like an almost too large a piece of equipment for a home gym, it greatly adds to the functionality of your gym. Along with some barbells and adjustable bench, the power rack allows an effective whole body workout. Buy one with safety pins and other attachments like dip bar and pull up bar. Take care to choose one with an adequate height; you should be able to easily do Overhead Presses inside the power rack, and ensure that it can handle as much as 400kg weight.

• Stability Ball – On those days when you have very little time, a stability ball can be the perfect piece of equipment to use. It’s highly versatile and lets you work on your abs through a variety of crunches, sit ups and leg raises while isolating stomach muscles and also properly supporting the spine.

• Barbells – Barbells should be of high quality for them to be safe. Get those with revolving sleeves and spring collars for added benefit. If you buy 6ft barbells that weigh just10kg and don’t have middle knurling or revolving sleeves, you are simply wasting your money. Get a high quality barbell right from the beginning that can handle as much as 450 kg in totality, being 7 ft long and weighing 20kg.

• Cardio Machine – Before you start lifting weights, you will require a cardio workout to accelerate your heart beat, increase blood circulation and also warm up the muscles. If you don’t have space to add a Treadmill, Stationary Cycle or Cross Trainer, you can opt for Skipping or buy a simple Stepper.

Author bio: Andrea is a professional photographer and a part time blogger. She enjoys working out and swimming every day. Living a healthy life is what she is dedicated to. Her husband loves bodybuilding, and she prefers exercising with him so they often go running together at the local park.


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  1. how beautiful! I WANT!! 🙂 🙂

  2. kelihasablog says:

    WOW… that would be wonderful to have…. My house isn’t much larger than that I don’t think> LOL 😀

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