Most Common Causes Of Road Accidents: Overview

speed limit

Car accidents are quite frequent and it is hard to avoid them, but knowing which the main causes are may give you head start in saving your life. No matter how the accident has happened, someone has to be responsible, and in order to determine what has happened, usually car accidents lawyers can help resolve legal issues, and even determine who is at fault.

Whichever the cause may be, a car accident can be lethal even with all the advancements in car security and that is why road rules should be obeyed; also, pay attention to early signs of fatigue which is one of the top car accident causes.

1. Distraction can kill
Eyes on the road are not only a saying we tell kids so that they are safe when driving, every driver should take this advice more literally. Just looking away for a second is away for you to make a mistake. Driving is a skill and requires you to focus. Disregard anything, especially mobile phones and other electrical devices which may distract you.

2. Fatigue is tiring
Going for a long ride? Make sure that you are well rested, and that you are packing coffee, but never sit behind the wheel if you feel like you are seconds away from slumbering. When fatigued, the best is to play it safe, as soon as you feel like dozing off, stop, get out of the car and relax for a few minutes. Better to lose a second in life than to lose a life in a second.

3. Speed demons
It is arguable whether you should drive fast if you have a fast car. Gloating and showing off will not get you anywhere faster and ultimately you might be only playing with your own life on the line. Remember that the speed rules are there for a reason. You might be an excellent driver without a single mistake in your life, but there is always someone who will not be as good as you.

4. Don’t drink and drive
Drinking usually brings out the inner person, and most often than not, that inner self is aggressive and ready for stupid things. Drugs and alcohol can seriously influence your driving capabilities and it is advisable to always have a designated driver whenever you wish to go drinking.

5. Bad cars can get worse
Honing your driver skills is one thing, but driving a deathtrap is not only dangerous to yourself but to others on the road as well. Make sure to keep your car in a good condition and that you check everything on time. You can never predict what will go wrong.

traffic rain

6. Rain, rains go away…
The weather is usually a common cause in car accidents. That is why it is especially important that you drive accordingly to the weather conditions, rain and snow can challenge even the best drivers. Poor weather conditions are not something you should easily disregard; make sure that your car is equipped for any roadside weather condition.

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