Gas Boiler Safety Checks

Gas boiler safety checks

To protect yourself and your family from carbon monoxide, you need to do regular gas boiler safety checks. Carbon monoxide is lethal and can cause immediate death. Poisoning with this chemical can be done without any obvious signs. The gas boiler safety checks should be done by a boiler engineer, who is on the Gas Safe Register. He should have a valid ID card with yellow triangle with “Gas Safe Register” logo on it and an orange CORGI badge. This way you can ensure the safe functioning of your boiler in a legal way. Here are some tips how to check your gas boiler for safety functioning.

Your gas boiler should be checked every year. If you are crippled, receive pension or chronically ill, you have the right to be on your energy company’s Priority Services Register, which will let you have a free yearly service. In the rest of the cases you can connect with your energy company and check what benefits or discounts you can receive from their services.

Before hiring an engineer to work on your boiler, make sure he is on the Gas Safe Register. All engineers working with gas in the United Kingdom should be on this register. You can check in the official website of the register or by calling on the the numbers for contact. All gas working engineers should have Gas Safe ID card. On the back of this card you can find what type of work is the engineer licensed to execute legally. It’s important to know that a gas engineer, working in some company has no legal right to do private work. If you have some information about some unlawful work, you have to report in the Gas Safe Register and they will start an investigation.

If you have some kind of gas work done in your property in the past six months, you have the right to nominate it for free of charge gas safety inspection to be sure that everything has done properly. You need to do checking of your gas boiler and other gas appliances for safety, if you move into a new house. This should be done by an engineer, who is Gas Safe registered.

Knowing the symptoms of poisoning with carbon monoxide can safe your life. They include headaches, vertigo, vomiting, shortness of breath, fainting or lost of consciousness. If these symptoms vanish when you leave your home and appear again when you return and other people and animals suffer from them simultaneously, this means you are carbon monoxide poisoned.

You can check your gas boiler for any warning signs, showing that it isn’t working properly. If you notice soot, black spots or colouring or stains around your gas boiler, your signal lights go out many times or you notice moisture inside your windows, these are signs for malfunctions in your gas boiler, FastHomeCleaning warns you.

If you move to a rented flat, your landlord is obliged to provide you a gas safety certificate, showing that all yearly gas boiler checks has been done. You can buy a carbon monoxide alarm from any DIY shop and install it. It is recommended that the alarm should be fitted on your bedroom wall. When the CO levels in your room increase over the normal level, you need to contact an engineer and abandon your home as soon as possible.

You can call any time you have any gas problem on the numbers of the Gas Emergency in the UK, free of charge. They will provide you the necessary legal and professional assistance. Don’t make compromises when it comes to safety. Hire only legal and licensed gas boiler engineers to check you boiler to be sure you won’t come upon dangerous situations in your home.


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