In Depth Guide On How To Change A Lock

how to change a lock

To ensure your peace of mind, your lock and door should be steady and secure enough. If they are loose or unsteady, you will need to change them with new. In this in depth guide, you will learn how to change a lock by yourself. Follow these steps to learn how to cope with this task without a problem.

In this in depth guide how to change a lock, QualityCleaning South West London will first explain you how to remove a lock and then replace it with a new one.

The first thing you need to know is the brand of your lock. You can see it printed on the latch or on the key. You don’t have to replace it with the same type of lock. You can use similar types of locks. Then you need to make measurements to estimate the size of your doorknob. With a measure tape establish the size starting form the latch edge of the door stretching to the centre of the doorknob lock set. Next, the interior knob should be removed. First remove the interior cover, if possible and then release the springs, which hold the knob. After that, the interior decorative cover should also be removed with a screwdriver or with hands.

The next step is taking apart the lock units. The two interior screws should be unscrewed by removing the screws connecting the exterior lock section to the interior half. They are located in the inside knob. When you remove the screws, pull the knob with hands. Next the latch assembly should be removed. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws. The strike plate, located on the door jam, also needs to be removed.

The next procedure is replacing your door with a new lock set. The first thing you have to do is to install the latch. Use a chisel to make smooth and even the surface of the hole, where the latch will be placed. The new latch you install should match perfectly in the recess. If the latch lays tightly in the recess, you can add the screws till the rest of the parts of the lock set are installed. If your new latch can’t stay in its recess, the screws need to be fit in the latch and then tighten up.

Now you can install the new lock set, but be careful to mount the keyed section on the outside. To do this, glide the outer parts of the lock set in the hole. Keeping them in a parallel position to the floor, infix the inside set, gliding it on the blade of the outer part of the lock set. Put the screws for mounting them and tighten well. You need to check if the strike plate is flattened with your new lock. If it isn’t, you have to replace your strike plate.

The final stage of your work will be testing. Check if the lock works with your key, holding and keeping your door open. This way you will know if your new lock set works and avoid the complication of being locked inside your home, if it doesn’t. The last thing you have to do is to tighten all screws, left loose and see if your door is accessible enough. The new doorknob, which I explained you how to install, should be springing well. Opening and closing your door should be easily done, without any obstacles, if your work have been done correctly.

After removing your old and installing your new lock, your door and the area around it should be cleaned well. Make sure you sweep all the dust, dirt and leftovers, which will remain as a result of your work. Provide the necessary cleaning and your new lock will be ready for use.


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