4 Of The Biggest Home Energy Wasters


People are not aware of the fact that there are a lot of energy wasters in their homes which have a big influence on their electricity bills. Using energy-efficient appliances and various other devices is great, but sometimes the biggest wasters of precious energy are the ones that you least expect. Instead of worrying all the time about the moment when you will have to pay your electricity bill, better look around and make some changes in your home. If you know which objects use most energy, you will be able to get rid of them or limit their usage as much as possible. After only one month you will feel that there is a different, especially when your bill comes.

Nowadays, the market offers a lot of modern appliances, heating devices and other things which people use on a daily basis. Most of them claim to use minimum energy which is the main reason why people decide to purchase them. As it turns out later, however, not all of them are so beneficial for the home and for the budget. There are many factors which could influence the performance of a certain appliance or other device. The air conditioners, for instance, can start using more energy when they are not cleaned regularly, Acton PerfectCleaning say. The cleaning might seem like something unimportant in the case, but when the electricity bill comes you will certainly notice a difference. Now is the time to learn which are the biggest home energy wasters, so that you can take the necessary measures on time.

• The microwave – We all keep some devices constantly connected to electricity because we want them to be ready for usage any time. The microwave is one of those appliances, but it is usually used only during some parts of the day. Whether you use it to heat up your dinner or to make yourself a tea or coffee in the morning, it is a fact that during the larger part of the day this appliance remains plugged inn and it continues to use energy. Some of the new models might work in a different way but as far as your old microwave is concerned, better start unplugging it before you go to work.

• The old refrigerators – It is well known that all old appliances tend to use more energy when they work than the new ones. A lot of people decide that replacing them with better ones will solve their problems with the electricity bill. That is true, but you still have to be careful when picking a new refrigerator or another device. When you are at the store, always look for the Energy Star label on the different devices. Also pay attention to the location of the freezer, if you are choosing a model which includes one. Usually the fridges with freezers on the bottom tend to be more efficient than the others.

• The battery chargers – You definitely don’t expect a little device like the battery charger to use a lot of energy. Well, it seems like we are all wrong because it has been proven that such devices are not so energy-efficient. Same as the refrigerators, the older battery chargers use more energy that increases your bill. The same thing could apply to the newer models as well. So, next time you use such device to charge your phone, make sure that you unplug it.

• The water heaters – The water heaters are one of the biggest energy wasters at home, especially if they are outdated. It is considered that approximately 14 % of the electricity bill is used by this system. Except that you have to be sure that your water heater has an Energy Star label, you can also try to limit the losses of energy by taking care of the heat that is wasted in the room where you keep your device.


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