6 Home Improvements That Don’t Actually Add Value

Home Improvements

When it’s time to upgrade a home and make improvements that can increase the property value, many people look to make changes that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. Although the changes may enhance the structure and allure of the home, they don’t always add value to the space. To avoid making an investment on your property that won’t eventually pay off, there are a few home improvement projects to avoid.

1. A Regal Landscape

Most people want to enhance their curb appeal with lush landscapes that stand out in the neighborhood. Although it may draw the attention of several homebuyers, it won’t necessarily increase the property value due to the high amount of maintenance and attention that it will require for the new owners. Keep the landscape minimal without adding a garden or extra water features.

2. Building a Swimming Pool

Pools may be a fun feature to add in the backyard that will appeal to buyers, but the project won’t do anything to the value of your home. The project will even cost an average of $20,000 for an addition that may make the summer fun, but won’t do anything for your wallet.

3. Adding Extra Carpet

You may want a cozy touch to your home with carpet, but adding too much of the material to your floors can detract from buyers’ interest. Solid flooring is more in demand and should be used throughout the home with wood or tile materials.

4. Expensive Upgrades

Expensive upgrades may be an impressive touch in the home, but if they stand out and aren’t consistent with the overall quality of the property then they won’t do much for the home’s value. That new commercial-grade range in the kitchen will appeal to people who love to cook, but you won’t see a return on your investment.

5. Overbuilding

Although increasing the square footage on the property will increase its value, it won’t always work if the home ends up being substantially larger than other properties in the neighborhood. Consider adding an additional room or two to your home, but avoid turning it into a mega mansion that stands out.

6. New Plumbing or HVAC

Avoid adding a new HVAC or plumbing system unless it’s absolutely necessary. The investment may make the home more functional, but it won’t increase the property value since it’s an unseen feature.

It’s important to carefully choose the home improvement projects that are made on your home to ensure that the investments pay off and will work in your favor. By doing your research and avoiding any remodeling that won’t increase the property value, it will ensure that your efforts are redeemed for a house that you can list at a higher price in future years.

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By Jane Blanchard


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