8 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Public Speaking

Better Public Speaker

Want to become a top-paid executive? Better work on your public speaking. This highly valued communications skill is also among many people’s top fears — 74% of people suffer from speech anxiety — but it’s one that can be conquered.

Here’s how:

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6 Career Myths You Shouldn’t Fall For



You’ve probably heard the same bits of career advice tossed around over and over from well-meaning friends, relatives, and even bosses. But plenty of the maxims that we hear repeated actually aren’t true. Here are six of the most popular career myths that you shouldn’t fall for.

1. A college degree will get you a job. Generations of students have been told that if they get a college degree, they’ll easily find a job afterward. Unfortunately, it’s no longer so clear-cut.

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The 5 Best Cities For Your Career In 2013

If you are considering moving to a new city, it might be smart to factor wage and employment potential into your city choice. But how do you know which cities are thriving and which are struggling?

To find out, we consulted online salary database PayScale.com. The PayScale Index analyzes wage growth by metro area. Katie Bardaro, Director of Analytics at PayScale, told us which industries are growing. “IT, biotech, and oil and gas are all seeing significant growth,” Bardaro explains. “All three industries are experiencing increased demand for their products and services, which means they are hiring and paying accordingly,” she says.

Which cities came out on top? Read on to find out more about the places in the U.S. that enjoy a relatively low unemployment rate and relatively high wage growth.

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