7 Bad Beauty Habits You Need To Break


1. Wrapping wet hair up in a towel: The strengthening shampoo and conditioner you use aren’t going to help much if you gather your wet locks in a turban on top of your head post-shower. “When wet, hair shafts are like loosened springs that stretch and break more easily,” says New York-based dermatologist Jessica Krant, M.D. So rubbing your tresses with a towel, pulling them into a too-tight wrap, or brushing or combing them too vigorously can all break the hair shafts and lead to damaged, frizzy strands, Dr. Krant says.

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6 Drinks To Fight Ageing

These six drinks fight aging. See what they are and when to down them.


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Legend Or Legit? The Real Scoop On Some Classic Beauty Treatments


As much as we love trying all of the new products and potions that come our way, sometimes we like to go classic with homemade beauty treatments, whether as a natural fix for our finicky skin or as a break for our wallet. Fancy treatments for hair, skin and nails are undoubtedly luxurious, but as our mamas taught us, sometimes the best beauty fixes can be found in your medicine cabinet – or even in your kitchen.

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